Dear animal lovers,

We wish you to inform you that, from 1 January 2016, our new cremation oven will be operational at the premises of the Westerhout Horse Crematorium in Beverwijk. This facility was initially developed to cremate human remains.

While this may seem a little odd, animal lovers like yourself have regularly said: “What a beautiful location, I would also like to be cremated here”.

I can tell you that this is now possible.

Both the municipality and province of Beverwijk have given me permission to cremate human remains also.

As founder of the Pet Crematorium and the Westerhout Horse Crematorium. I have had a cremation oven developed that is suitable for cremating human remains.

We are offering this new service under the name Westerhout Cremation Centre.  Visit the website: Westerhout Cremation Centre  for further information.

Yours sincerely,
Paul van Eerden
Westerhout Cremation Centre

Visit the website of the Westerhout Cremation Centre for further information.